Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baylor Parade

Every year we pack up and head to the Baylor Homecoming Parade. For some reason it is really fun. The floats are so awesome and it is just starting to feel cold outside (in the morning, that is). We always sit at the same spot on Austin Ave. We usually send Angelo like an hour early to hold our spot for us, then we stop and get donuts and kolaches and meet him there. That didn't happen this year because I knew there was no way I could make it with two babies, by myself, and get there anywhere near 8:00am when it started. And, for the first year since Abby was born, my mom was not here to go with us! :( So, Angelo stayed with us and we were all going to get there about 45 minutes early! Ha, ha! I can't believe we actually thought that would happen! So, instead, we showed up about 5 or 10 minutes before it started! What is hilarious to me is that we still got our same spot! We've been sending Angelo at the crack of dawn every year probably for nothing! Here's our "camp".
Just who do we think we are exactly? Look at all of this stuff! We may as well have brought a coffee maker and a hot plate and just made breakfast there. What I find funny - and a little embarassing - is that none of us are sitting there and look at all of the people standing around our "stuff"! Oh, well.

This little outfit that Garner is wearing is really special! It was Santiago's when he was a baby and both he and Angelo wore it over 30 years ago! I'm pretty sure Santiago was about a year old when he wore it, but Garner is a big guy! So cute!

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