Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just a few cute pictures...

I just wanted to post a few pictures that I have been wanting to share. Everything is going great around here! We went and got Abby a new "big girl bed" this weekend and put it together last night, but I will post more on that later! For now, there is nothing really to report!
This first picture of her is so funny to me! Her and I were laying in bed watching Dumbo one day a couple of weeks ago and she got out of bed to mess around. After a few minutes, I realized she was being so quiet and I didn't know what she was doing - which everyone knows is usually a bad sign! Anyway, I found her on the other side of my night stand doing this:

In case you can't see the details, she is looking through a Babystyle catalog, which is an online store that has baby clothes and shoes. I thought it was really funny.
These other two are just random pictures that I thought were funny!

Hope everyone is doing great! I am going to try and post something else tomorrow, so be sure and check!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Entry Ever!

Okay, right now I am just trying this thing out. I don't really know what I am doing, but I want to have a place that I can post pictures of Abby and little stories that I want to share. Anyway, I am going to attempt to post some of our Christmas pictures. A few weeks ago Abby, Angelo, and I went up to Mesquite and Marla and Geoff took some pictures for us! I hope I am able to post some of them because they turned out really good! So good, in fact, that when we went to pick up some prints from Walgreen's, they wouldn't release them without a letter from the "photographer"!, we forged it! Well, here goes!

IT WORKED! HOORAY!!!!!!!! Maybe I will see if I can add some more! I actually have time to do this now that my finals are over! I am so excited! I feel like this semester has lasted forever! But, both Angelo and I made it through. I finished with one A, two B's, and a C - which is perfectly fine with me considering that it took every bit of energy that I could muster just to finish my assignments everyday. And I think Angelo made an A and a B. Anyway, we have a few weeks of freedom and, as of this coming Friday, I will be on vacation! I can't wait!
Well, here are some more pictures! I will try to be posting pictures and things, so please keeping checking the page! I am hoping to make this a regular thing now that I know how to do it! Marla, I hope you are proud of me! :)