Friday, June 22, 2012

Ready to Crawl

Henry is trying so hard to crawl!  And he is so close.  Yesterday he took one "crawl step" and has done it several times since.  Today he kind of took two, but I don't know if the second one counts because he sort of fell in to it.  Anyway here he is trying today in his room.  He was playing with these toys and he spotted the red camera case and he wanted it.  You can barely see it there on the right in this first picture. 
He has a hard time getting started and gets stuck in this funny position quite a bit.  
Got it! 
Not a perfect crawl, but he can certainly can get around in his own way!  Through a combination of rolling, getting on his knees, falling, scooting, and that weird position up on his feet, he moves all around the room.  He is getting so big so fast!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look what we did!

There are many things about our house that I love.  Ever since we moved in almost three years ago, the outside of the house has NOT been one of those things.  I just hated the color and think it is really dated.  The trim was burnt orange, which is officially my least favorite color.  After a long time of talking about it, we finally painted it!

Here is what it looked like before...

Ugh!  The only thing I like is the tree in front of it. 
And here is what it looks like now...
Not the best picture because of the shadows.  If I would have taken it a little later in the day you could see the color a little better.  The door is actually red, but you can't tell.  I think it looks so much better!