Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Sick Day"

Abby has been having some tummy trouble this week. I am not sure what is going on, but she was sent home from Miss Jane's on Tuesday and Wednesday after having diarrhea 3 times. I'm sorry, I know that is probably too much information, but...anyway, I had to keep her home on Thursday because they have to be free from it for 24 hours before they can return to school. Well, the reason I sent her on Tuesday is that she had absolutely no other symptoms. She had no fever, she was eating fine, and she seemed to feel great. She also had no diarrhea Tuesday night or Wednesday night. I am kind of rambling. The reason I am even writing about this is because our "sick" day on Thursday was awesome! That may sound terrible, but still on this day, she had no other symptoms (and no diarrhea, I might add). We spent the morning playing and hanging around. I cleaned the house, did laundry and dishes and she followed me around just playing nicely with her babies. Around 10:30 Angelo called and suggested we go to the movies. Well, she eats lunch at 11:00, so I decided we would go have a lunch date and then go see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". And we did. She was so good. I had so much fun eating lunch with her. And she sat through the movie. It was in 3D and I wished so badly that I had a camera so I could have taken her picture sitting in that big seat with those glasses on! She looked so cute! About a third of the way through she said, "I want to sit in yours lap." This might have been annoying to some, but I loved it. We were the only ones in the theatre and it felt like we were the only people in the whole world. She laughed out loud and ate her popcorn. And about 20 before it was over, she fell asleep. For about 10 seconds, I felt ridiculous being the only person (awake) in the theatre watching a cartoon and wearing 3D glasses! I got over it really fast! It was a pretty cute movie. I got her in the car and she continued to sleep. When she woke up we went to the mall. I had a gift card for the Gap that I have had for a REALLY long time, so we decided to get Abby some pink jammies that have a glow in the dark skeleton body on them. They are really cute, but they didn't have any for Garner, but I knew they had some at Old Navy, so we headed that way. But not before spotting the section of the mall that houses about 10 of these rides you can pay 75 cents to ride on: a plane, a helicopter...and Ice Cream truck? I thought that was a weird one. She had to get on every single one of them. She thought they were great and she was totally content, not knowing that you could insert coins and they would actually move. That is, until we were strolling away and some insane parents had their child in that dang ice cream truck in all its glory, lights flashing, music playing, bouncing around. "I want to ride the tumble bus!" She was not very happy that she didn't get to get back on the "tumble bus" as she called it. But we got away with a minimal fit. We went to Old Navy, got the pajamas for Garner. I saw the Halloween costumes and started looking at them. Abby fell in love with one of them and was hugging and dancing with it. Telling me that it flies. She just had to be... a dragon! Seeing as how this is the first time she actually had an opinion of what she is for Halloween and I am sure we will have many years to come of her being a princess or some variation of a princess, I gave in and she will be going as this:

I think she will make a pretty cute dragon!
We had such a great day together. We both had such a fun day and she was such a good girl!
The only down side of this was that she had to go back to day care the next day which made me really sad! And then really aggravated because on Friday at 2:30 they called me that she had diarrhea 3 more times and I needed to leave work to come get her! What in the world is going on? If anyone has any insight as to what this might be, I would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I am beginning to get really worried.
And, since Garner did not get to join us on our girls day, here is a picture of him, in all of his cuteness!

Oh, and if anyone has any magic solution for getting a teething baby to sleep at night, I welcome that advice as well! :)


Marla said...

I'm glad ya'll had such a great "sick" day, but sorry to hear about know. And no- I have no suggestions...that is so odd how she is only doing it at school, you know?

Also- love her makes it even more special that she picked it out herself.

Amanda said...

Oh, what cute, cute lil' ones!
What's Garner going to be for Halloween?

Only at school, that's weird. Is there something she only eats there?

Teething- Hyland's teething tablets all the way. That's all I've ever found, besides sucking on ice or freezer pops.

Reverse advice question: do you know how I can get my almost 5-yr old to stop jumping on the couch?